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For many years CFT have been delivering various services, including support of end users and computers. We produce dedicated IT solutions, provide consulting services or rent unique competences of our employees to projects outside the company.

Software Engineering Services 

CFT develop dedicated software based on J2EE or .NET platforms. In order to ensure top quality of the developed software we run all development projects in 3 main stages: 

  • Project Management/Analysis – analysis performed with customers input ensure precise definition of functional requirements, specification as well as smooth project management in the phase of implementation of production releases and the launch of support activities. We are flexible to share resources with customer PO team. 
  • Development – development of dedicated software based on J2EE or .NET platforms 
  • Testing and Deployment – testing procedures are an integral part of the development of any tailor made application. All testing services can be provided by CFT both as a part of application development projects and also as a separate service due to unique methodology applied by our testers.

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Reorganising and management of IT department

The CFT design team conducted a comprehensive IT resource audit for pkt.pl, conducted a GAP analysis and executed post-audit follow-up...

Software Implementations

We have vast experience in business software implementations in large organisations both in USA and Europe:

  • Supply Chain Management - JDA SCPO Suite
  • Data Warehouses
  • Guidewire Claim Center & Billing Center
  • Dedicated Software Applications

CFT teams participate in all project phases, including: 
  • Documentation preparation
  • Preparation and configuration of infrastructure
  • Installation and system configuration (preparation of all customer environments)
  • Tests
  • Data migration, preparation
  • Production launch (full, partial, parallel)
Extra service offered by CFT is Special Care Support

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Tower Group
Adopting and implementing Guidewire BillingCenter application

Project started in 2010 from collecting customer's requirements and creating architecture for the solution. Applied methodology: Agile...

Tower Group
Integration with suppliers settling medical services and prescriptions

The CFT implementation team created and implemented the function of loading payments for medical services to the Claim Center system....

IT Support - HelpDesk

CFT is deeply experienced in providing complex Help Desk/ Support Services. We aim to customize the service with our customers in order to meet their specific requirements. The scope of services delivered includes both first line of support as well as second line of support especially in case of business applications. Vast experience in managing the IT resources we are able to define unique scope of services, more detailed than market standards offered by competition.

Our services include:
  • support of desktop/laptop issues including applications, 
  • support both in customer premises and remotely, at periods adjusted to customer needs, 
  • management of dedicated resources, monitoring of the processed tasks quality and reporting 
  • service level defined in SLA

Why CFT ?
  • all-round support of end users by qualified and experienced support team
  • quality control maintained by reports adjusted to customer specific needs
  • optimization activities – analysis and further propositions of improvements to reduce the stream of tickets and more effective handling of registered tickets,
  • bespoke services – for all customers we adjust the scope of services 

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Allianz Group
Help Desk 2010-2015

During years 2010-2015 CFT provided customers with a dedicated support team of max. 30 persons distributed among 8 customer locations....

Alcatel Lucent
Network monitoring

CFT built a team of consultants (max. 25 persons) responsible for the monitoring of A-L applications, servers and network devices, as...


IT Governance
 CFT product portfolio include a wide range of  IT Governance services based on CoBIT, ITIL, CMMI standards in the area of:
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Performance Scoreboard (balanced scorecard for IT)
  • IT Dashboard (operational performance indicators)

Outsourcing IT / Body Leasing
We hire our consultants to work in projects run by our customers in short term mode as well as long term operational activities. We ensure employment flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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Reorganisation of the IT department, IT resource management 2003-2005

In the period 2003-2005 CFT provided various consulting services for Netia, including, among other things: managing company IT...

Alcatel Lucent
Network monitoring

CFT built a team of consultants (max. 25 persons) responsible for the monitoring of A-L applications, servers and network devices, as...


We offer all-round Supply Chain Management training sessions (JDA Scpo suite):

  • Functional Training (Modules: JDA Demand, JDA Fulfillment, Master Planning, Collaborate i Market Manager) 
  • JDA Navigation Training 
  • Technical Training (installation, application configuration) 
  • Dedicated Training sessions 

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